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Michael G.- February 24, 2014
I want to start by saying that I am not a regular patient of Dr. Radin, even though I would like to be. I was referred to Dr. Radin while on vacation in San Diego after telling a friend of mine that I was getting minimal relief from my usual chiropractor in San Jose, CA. After hearing that, my buddy was able to get in contact with Dr. Radin, and while he doesn’t work weekends, he was willing to take time out of his Sunday to see me, and with just a single days’ notice. I suffer from chronic pain due to multiple, traumatic accidents, and have been seeing a chiropractor regularly for the past year. Where my old doctor seemed to plateau, Dr. Radin was able to make me feel better than I have in the last year, and I can’t believe I never received that kind of relief before.  He was very thorough with his examination, understanding the problems before making any adjustments.  The treatment lasted about an hour and consisted of manual adjustments, massaging, and stretching. I felt great after and even better a couple days later. I may live over 450 miles away, but will definitely be back to see Dr. Radin in hopes of eliminating my pain.


Jonathan B. – August 15, 2012
“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Dr. Radin was the first chiropractor to figure out exactly what was causing my back pain and to fix it completely. I have seen many chiropractors in the past and none have been as knowledgeable and showed so much care. I am currently a graduate student of exercise physiology and hold a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and can honestly say that Dr. Radin knows exactly what he is doing. He has a completely comprehensive knowledge of the human body and works to keep you pain free so you can enjoy your life. I am an avid cyclist and Dr. Radin has able to diagnose and completely fix my issue when no other chiropractors were able to. He also suggested and fit me for custom fit high quality orthotics that helped me with my high arches more than I thought possible. Dr. Radin put more care into my first visit that I had received ever from my previous chiropractor. If you are in pain, please do not hesitate to see Dr. Radin he does an amazing job and you will see how lucky San Diego is to have care like his.”


Lawrence H. – June 28, 2012
“I suffered a wakeboarding back injury in 2011 resulting in 2 severely herniated discs and stenosis of the lateral nerves at the L4/5 area. I was in pain for close to a year suffering from a range of constant pain, to loss of mobility & basic bodily function, alteration in lifestyle, and avoidance of any active hobbies. My life as I knew it was gone. After seeing a chiropractor, 4 weeks of Physical Therapy, and months of prescription meds I decided to go see Dr. Radin following a friend’s recommendation. Prior to leaving the country for grad school, Dr. Radin sat with me and we established a regiment, which literally had me pain free in just over a month’s time. (1/2 the time we anticipated) He did what many professionals, surgeons, & therapists couldn’t, and literally changed my life. The man is a legend, and I have endless gratitude for his abilities and commitment. Thank you so much. Go see him at Radin Chiropractic.”


Kathy S –
“I didn’t believe in Chiropractic care until introduced to Dr. Radin’s treatment philosophy. He’s probably one of the most unorthodox chiropractors who is more concerned in “getting you back to where you need to be” than in your pocketbook.  I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for about 9 months & traditional physical therapy wasn’t improving my condition. Dr. Radin diagnosed the problem on the first day of treatment & the worst of the lower back pain is gone. With his therapy and exercise plan, I’m confident that I will soon be back to my accustomed fitness level.”


Sheryl C. –
“David Radin, DC is an absolute God Send! I have degenerative disc disease, protruding discs (6) and stenosis. I have had frequent days that I could not raise my head, sometimes I can’t walk–depending what my spine is doing at the moment. Dr. David Radin has given me my life back. I have much fewer days with neck pain and he has helped my sacrum, hips and lumbar become stable longer than ever before. My orthopedist recommended surgery to ease the pain. I refused surgery and began treatment with Dr. Radin. Regardless of where my pain is, Dr. Radin knows how to quickly and smoothly adjust only the vertebrae involved at the time. I can literally walk in the door in extreme pain, get treatment with Dr. Radin and leave with only stiff and sore body parts. I have been seeing chiropractors since age 11. At, age 55, I’ve found the best chiropractor for me and my family. Thanks to his ability to identify the specific needs of a patient quickly and administer treatment adeptly, Dr.Radin has minimized my daily pain by at least 75%. I am able to go without the mind numbing pain medications and function closer to my optimal level. My son was missing school so frequently in his senior that I considered home schooling because of his inability to attend school with the pain between his shoulders (heavy book bags). He began seeing Dr. Radin and he now works and attends college without that pain interfering with his cognitive functioning. We are grateful that we found Dr. Radin and have followed him from one office to another gladly. I would easily pay for his care out of pocket if my benefits did not cover it. That’s how important I believe it is to find a chiropractor who actually facilitates the healing of his patients without floundering around adjusting vertebrae that are not necessary . Dr. Radin consistently corrects my problem areas and sends me back out into the world functioning and relieved of extreme pain. There may be no cure, but managing pain through chiropractic care allows me .many more lively and functional days. Thank You, Dr. Radin, because of you, we are better able to enjoy life without the constant interference of debilitating pain.”


Andrew D –
“After suffering for years with lower and upper back pain including surgery, I have tried many forms of relief. While I was regularly seeing Dr. Radin with a prescribed workout regimen and regular adjustments, I was able to manage my back very successfully. The one thing you will note right away is that Dr. Radin takes an individual approach to every patient. I not only felt that in the way I was treated, but also in the way he treated my back. He is a true professional who loves what he does and is an expert. He is the first to acknowledge that you need to do your part, but if you do, he takes care of the rest.”


DSHARP – Sep 13, 2011
I would highly recommend Dr. David Radin to anyone suffering from injury or pain who would like to eliminate the pain and reduce their use of pain medications. I have been to other chiropractors previously but Dr. Radin has helped my pain management more than any others who have treated me. I was a patient at a headache clinic for several years where I was prescribed several preventive medications as well as others to kill the pain when the preventive failed to work. After treatments with Dr. Radin I have significantly reduced my pain medications. I haven’t had an Imitrex injection (for migraines) in over a year. At one point I was using 2 dozen or more per year. If I did have a severe headache I could go for a treatment and the headache would be gone before I drove back home or work. In addition to treatment for headaches Dr. Radin has been able to treat me for pain in my ribs that no medical doctor was ever able to diagnose. One alignment of my ribs took care of the pain that no other treatment, not even the removal of a nonfunctioning gall bladder was able to relieve. He has also treated me for hip, knee, neck, shoulder and IT band pain. He is very detailed with his treatments but gets you in and out of his office quickly. He will be greatly missed in Atlanta.


MA Stone Mtn – Aug 17, 2011
When researching/visiting chiropractors for my daughter, an NCAA basketball player, Dr. Radin stood far above the rest. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and informative when it comes to the body and how it all works together. Dr. Radin did not just focus on my daughter’s lower back issue, but the whole person. In doing so he found other problems that he was able to address. He is very detailed and dedicated care giver. San Diego is extremely fortunate to have Dr. Radin in their city, he will be sorely missed in Atlanta.


DZH – Jul 21, 2011
This guy is amazing! I’ve been to two other chiropractors and found him to be the best. Most of my problems are shoulder-blade pain due to poor posture because I sit and work in an office all day. I also have knee problems caused by poor posture as well. He doesn’t use all those special machines (electricity zapping your back, ultrasound device for breaking up shoulder blade cartilage, or that weird gun that taps your back into alignment) that the last two doctors have used which, come to find out, never really helped me that much. He actually solved the problem that the other two chiropractors couldn’t. He made such a complicated adjustment near my neck/top of the rib cage that I was finally able to get relief. It appears he is significantly more educated on the really fine detail of chiropractic care based on the uncommon adjustments he does. He does some really unique adjustments that aren’t what you’d typically expect, but they actually do help a lot. He is highly recommended not only because he is great, but you don’t have to see him a lot of times to get to feeling better again.


Dr. C – Jul 10, 2011
Dr. David M. Radin is by far the most competent Chiropractor that I have had the honor and privilege to meet and be treated by for multiple severe injuries caused by a car accident. He is thorough in his assessment, communicates in a clear and calm manner, is passionate about his work, and is extremely committed to helping others return to optimal and vibrant health. Dr. Radin exhibits high integrity and is an avid believer in short-term treatment that is fast and effective. I felt significant pain relief during my first treatment session with him. He will treat you quickly so that you can return to enjoying life again, free from pain and discomfort. I can highly recommend him. Many thanks, Dr. Radin, for helping me to return to vibrant health! I wish you well!!!


KMBT – Jun 26, 2011
I am an avid runner/tennis player and had developed some chronic issues with my lower back. Having never been to a Chiropractor before, I was a bit hesitant. Not only did Dr. Radin adjust my back and rid me of my issues, he has helped me with both ankle and wrist problems that have come up the last year. He is extremely knowledgeable in regards to the anatomy of the human body and can give you detailed descriptions of what bones, muscles, and exact nerves are being effected. His pleasant and thoughtful demeanor is also helpful in setting you at ease – especially when you are new to adjustments! I can’t recommend him enough!


Clinton – Jun 21, 2011
Dr. Radin is fantastic. I’ve been to a half dozen other chiropractors that couldn’t match him put together. Beyond his expert facilities as a doctor Dr.Radin is kind, friendly, and cares about his patients. My line of work is very physical and I’m always getting alignment issues. Because Dr.Radin also deals in extremities I’ve been able to recover faster and get back to work sooner. The very first time I went to see Dr.Radin I was in excruciating pain from a dull ache in my elbow, tingling in my hand and a feeling like something was dislocated in my back. I couldn’t do anything with out pain. Dr.Radin fixed me right up by adjusting my wrist, elbow and back.


Jkidd – Jun 10, 2011
Dr. Radin is by far the best Chiropracter I have ever encountered. He went far and beyond what I expected. Being in car accidents in the past it was great to be under the care of someone who is genuinely interested in getting you back to feeling great. I was blown away that from one touch Dr Radin could tell how I was hit and what I was doing during the impact. He could also tell me how I was even sitting the night before an appointment! This expertise is why I encourage you to go to him. He whipped me back into shape and the extra tips he gave via newsletters and special pointers during appointments were a plus to my speedy recovery! Dr Radin IS thee BOMB dot COM!! I cant thank Porschea enough for the referral 🙂


Porschea – Jun 7, 2011
Dr. Radin is wonderful at what he does . I suffered a hip and back injury when I was 18 years old while in the military. I was discharged because of the injuries. I suffered from chronic back pains as well as hip pains, which required me to take strong pain medications to help with the pain. I have suffered with this pain for 9 years until a few months ago when I made my first appointment with Dr. Radin. Dr. Radin was able to take away the pain by adjusting my body and using different techniques and stretches. In about 2 months, I felt little to no pain. The balance board was also a great help! I even bought one so that I could continue to develop a stronger core. I recommended Dr. Radin to a friend of mine and she was very happy with her outcome as well!


Syoung – May 22, 2011
I highly recommend Dr. Radin. This is my first visit to a chiropractor and he was very patient and thorough. I had upper shoulder pain and he alleviated it. I will definitely be going back again. He also helped to adjust my joints which has increased my arm strength. Definitely visit Dr. Radin if you haven’t done so already!!


Evan – May 4, 2011
I highly recommend Dr. David Radin for anyone who has back, neck or even sport-related issues. I have chronic neck and back issues and David has provided not only temporary relief but also long-term solutions to my problems. Dr. Radin uses a great mix of techniques including stretches but most of all, I appreciate the great confident feel he has for manual adjustments.


Draper – Apr 29, 2011
I was having lower back pain for awhile because my job involves a fair amount of driving. I heard about Dr. Radin through a friend but had never thought to go to a chiropractor in general. I was a little nervous about having my joints popped and readjusted per say. After I talked with Dr. Radin, I felt more comfortable about having him adjust me. After seeing him few times the back pain was gone. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about going to a chiropractor or using one currently. His treatments are very effective, careful, and methodical. I haven’t had any back pain since.


Rachel – Apr 22, 2011
Dr. Radin helped me so much! Within a minute, he could tell exactly where I’d been having pain (one of my ankles, hip). His adjustments instantly took away the pain and helped me be in top shape for professional cheerleading auditions. He also showed me various stretches that significantly increased my flexibility and helped me successfully reach my goals. Honestly, I was a little skeptical that a chiropractor could help me until he worked on me. Highly recommend


Albert – Mar 9, 2011
“Dr. David Radin is the best Chiropractor I have ever had. He advised me on getting preventive monthly treatments, and since then, the acute severe backpain did not come back. His treatment is very gentle and not painful at all. I would recommend Dr. David to anybody who needs a chiropratic treatment. I would also recommend a preventive treatment because it makes sense. Why wait till you can hardly walk like I did for a long time.” – Albert B.


Jennifer – Mar 8, 2011
Dr. Radin is an experienced and caring chiropractor with expertise in treating sports injuries and adjusting extremities. His treatments are very comfortable and he thoroughly answers any of your questions. While training for a marathon, I twisted my ankle and was not able to run for a couple of weeks. However, after I started seeing Dr. Radin for treatment, I was able to return to my training and complete my race with no pain.


Arik S. – “Incredible results in such a short amount of time! I am an athlete that participates in many different sports and Dr. Radin has helped me out tremendously over the past three years to stay competitive and in tip top shape. He has corrected a chronic shoulder problem, ankle issues, and other aches and pains that I have experienced. He spends as much time as needed for each visit to ensure that you get a thorough treatment and fast results. He is extremely knowledgeable and instructed me about proper workout and weight lifting techniques. Dr. Radin also made me custom foot orthotics that has helped a lot with my running. I highly recommend his services! “


Charlyn M. –
“I have had chronic upper back pain (between the shoulder blades) since high school and just learned to deal with the pain over the years. I had been to other chiropractic offices in the past that simply did the “snap, crackle, pop” treatment on my back and neck, but my pain was never explained to me and I was literally out of the treatment room after 3 minutes of adjusting and 45 minutes or more of simply WAITING to be adjusted. And I would be in pain again within minutes of leaving the office. My boyfriend had been seeing Dr. Radin for over a year when I finally decided to give him a try, and I must say, the Doc really knows his stuff and is truly passionate about his work! He doesn’t just “crack your back” – he is very thorough in his treatments with massaging the tight muscles to make the adjustments easier and less painful and also talks you through what he is doing so you can understand your body better. The point is, he really takes his time with each patient. In the 2 years I have been his patient, I have realized just how much pain I was putting up with daily, and can now appreciate the freedom from pain pills and chronic aches and pains.”


Harriet G. –
As you can see, everyone is fond of Dr. Radin and his care – add me to the group. I was one of those people skeptical about multiple trips to the chiropractor (though I did understand that one or two visits wasn’t a fix.) He proved that continuous visits over an extended period of time were what I needed to relieve the pain and mobility issues in my upper back, shoulders and neck and I came to understand the physiology of the manipulations as well. Pretty good for a skeptic. I followed him from a location near my home to this office. Sorry I can’t follow him across the country.


Derek C. –
Dr. Radin Rocks!!! He is clearly is a cut above all the other Chiropractors. His professionalism, knowledge of how the body works, and his passion for his work show in the results I get from being adjusted. He has helped me tremendously with the physical ailments I get from my job.
For years my neck and back were bad shape from past accidents and from the physical nature of my job. His adjustments and stretching exercises relieved me from back pain and headaches I was suffering from.


Kathy M. –
I was not sure that Dr. Radin could help me with the pain and problems I was having in my neck, shoulder, upper arm, lower arm and right index finger. I had been to other chiropractors and physical therapist and was taking several strong prescriptions to help me with my problems. When I came to Dave, he reassured me that he could help and after several treatments I was well on my way to a prescription free recovery. Several weeks later I was back to working my full-time job and happily enjoying my favorite spinning, zumba and step classes at a local gym.
Through this experience, I have learned to be more in tune with my body. Dave has given me some weight lifting exercises and suggested that I have an occasional chiropractic correction so things don’t get as bad as they were when I first saw him. I am listening to his advice and my pain is under control.
When I am at the gym, participating in many of the high aerobic classes, I hear a lot of people saying they have back, neck, leg and arm problems. My suggestion to these people is to see Dave Radin ASAP and not to let things get worse. A quick treatment can save you a lot of pain later.

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