Custom Foot Orthotics

The key to better health could be right under your feet
What do my feet have to do with it?
San Diego, California is a great place to enjoy an active lifestyle, but it is important to consider your feet’s direct impact on the rest of your body when enjoying your favorite activity. Like the foundation of a house, your feet support the weight of everything above them. When a small problem develops in your feet, the subtle change in the way you walk will cause a chain reaction of adjustments in your posture and walking mechanics. These changes can put stress on joints higher up in your body and lead to more serious problems.

Dr. David M. Radin fits patients for custom orthotics in his La Jolla office that re-balance your feet, reduce pain, and help restore your body’s natural biomechanics.

How do I know if I have a problem?
Localized foot pain
Arch or heel pain
Bunions or hammer toes
Corns and calluses
Leg or knee pain
Hip or back pain
Shin splints
Heel spurs
Plantar fascitis
Leg fatigue
Ankle instability

How do they help?
The custom orthotics are molded to the unique support requirements of your feet. They help restore normal balance and foot alignment by gently correcting foot abnormalities. Dr. Radin provides innovative, comfortable orthotics that are a pleasure to wear as they gently reduce problems associated with muscle strain, pressure points, abnormal forces on the ankles, knees, hips, and spine. Over time, custom support will bring you relief from pain, allowing you to enjoy normal daily activities.

What is the difference between orthotic insoles bought at a shoe store or pharmacy and custom-made orthotics from a doctor’s office?
Store-bought insoles are “one size fits all” shoe inserts that may have little effect on the biomechanics of your feet. Orthotics made at the doctor’s office are custom molded to your feet and designed to improve the function of your entire lower body. A custom made orthotic is fitted to the precise angles of your foot and ankle. This exact fitting helps your lower body to be in a more stable position and absorb shock more efficiently with every step you take.

What to expect on my visit to the doctor
Dr. David M. Radin, will take a detailed history of your problem and perform an orthopedic examination of the areas causing pain. Before fitting you for the orthotics, the doctor will correct any fixations and misalignments found in your feet and ankles. This very important step ensures that the mold taken of your foot demonstrates the foot at optimum alignment. An impression of your feet are made using soft foam. The foam is then used to create a cast molding of each foot. The custom orthotic will be hand crafted from the cast to provide you the highest quality product available today.

There are four basic styles of orthotics offered in our office.
Athletic collection
Styles designed to meet the demands of different sports activities from running, multi-disciplinary sports, and the weekend warrior. Offers support where you need it the most and shock absorption for added comfort.
Dress collection
Designs specific for use in a men’s loafer or women’s high and low heals.
Senior collection
A soft model offers patients extra cushion and support. A firm model offers more control for pronation correction.
Diabetic collection
For patients that need lightweight comfort to accommodate for ulcerations.

Click here to open the complete catalog of orthotic styles that can be custom made for your feet in our office.

By David M. Radin, DC, CCSP
San Diego Sports Chiropractor